For teachers

For teachers

April 2015

Poetry By Heart Scotland - find out all about our finals! A great day was had by all and we were treated to fabulous performances by the six finalists. Many congratulations to the winner, Lydia Roy, pictured here with Scots Makar, Liz Lochhead.


Poetry posters

If your students are falling out love with poetry because of revision blues, why not reinvigorate them with our free downloadable poetry posters? We even have poems about poems! All the posters are organised by subject tags to make it easier to find the poster that's right for you.

Poetry By Heart Scotland

The competition has gone with a swing and Scotland's first Poetry By Heart championhas been crowned. It was a roaring success and we're planning how to make it even bigger and better next time! All the details about the finals and the competition are here so you can find out more. Image by matt Katzenberger shared under a CC licence at

Making Makars

Want to know what new resources and poems have been shared by schools? Pop on over to Making Makars to find out. Or if you have ideas for a blog, get in touch at

Young Poets Workshops

Do you know any poets aged 15-18 who would like to attend our young poets group? It's held twice monthly after school here at the SPL. We read, write and chat all things poetry.  It's a friendly drop-in group and completely free so there's no need to commit to an expensive lengthy course. Email Georgi to find out more.

What's On?

Planning poetry workshops or CPD this term? Explore our current workshop opportunities here, and don't forget to find out what's happening more broadly in the world of poetry on our connect pages

Classroom Resources

Look in our library of resources to find just the right thing to help meet your poetry classroom needs. From Early Years to senior students, we should have something to help with reading and writing and enjoying poetry in a range of ways, across the curriculum.


Poetry competitions can be the ideal way to bring poetry into the classroom. Many offer helpful guidance for teachers, and the prospect of prizes, publication and a real audience can prove highly motivating for pupils. Find out more about competitions for all ages and throughout the year.