High Country

Angus Dunn is a poet whose work examines and portrays the natural world with delicacy and careful observation. His love of the land and of life shines in every line, and his work has the clarity and stillness that is associated with Japanese haiku. His poetry has been published in magazines and anthologies over many years. This is his first collection. 

'Angus Dunn's magical poetry lures us into a world where crows are fruit, the wind is a wire, the moon has a voice and wather holds memory. In effect all these poems are poems of love and each one serves to remind us that precisley because we have been granted everything, we can take nothing for granted. Visit Scotland take notice - Dunn's poetry is the best advertisment for this country I've ever read' John Glenday 

Publisher: Sandstone Press
Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-1-910124-99-4
a slim turquoise paperback book with an image of the sky on the cover