Against The Light

In Against The Light, a title sequence resonant with an affectionate awareness of the fragility and vulnerability of our lives is set alongside a group of poems which conjure up the distinctive moods and aspects of Edinburgh in winter.


"Stewart Conn's poems have a plainspoken eloquence distinguished by its authenticity, heart and complete lack of pretension."

- David Cooke, The North

"Conn's love letter to Edinburgh winter is like a rich conversation with a familiar friend. Touchingly intimate domesticity and a rooted sense of the well-lived everyday arise from the sublimely affective language.

The poems never depart form their single-moment presentness, but are ever dipped in nostalgia and historicity (of the best kind) and afford inviting, through-the-hedge glimpses of the future."

- Anneke Van Belle, Scottish Poetry Library volunteer

Publisher: Mariscat Press
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780946588817
Paperback, Scottish
white paperback pamphlet with black and red lettering