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by Stewart Conn
Since the former priestess's departure / a sea-change has taken place.
by Magi Gibson
The train glides through a world of frozen white, / low mists swirl and smudge the mirror of the Clyde, / Helensburgh stretches...
by Hamish Whyte
It’s like painting / the Forth Bridge / without the fresh air / and fear / of drowning.
by Eddie Gibbons
(from the photo with the same title by Don McCullin) / / A pipe fitter’s mate at the gates of dawn / Is wrenched from...
by Tracey Herd
The machines don't / stop, night or day, although, one by one, / the anonymous men are slipping away.
by Niall Campbell
If I have to, then let me be the whaler poet, / launcher of the knife, portioning off / the...
by Seamus Heaney
for Terence Brown / / Seeing the bags of meal passed hand to hand / In close-up by the aid workers, and soldiers / Firing over the...
by Andrew Greig
My only talent lay in these. / My father rubbed his hands together, / stared as though their whorls held codes / of thirty years obstetric...
by George Gordon, Lord Byron
The power of Thought—the magic of the Mind! ...
by William Shakespeare
If all the year were playing holidays, / To sport would be as tedious as to work.
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