Tag: Blue Crevasse

by Vahni Capildeo
wait for it: waiting occurs / in waves put up and shut up...
by John Burnside
I still remember when I cared enough / to watch you sleep, as if I’d catch a glimpse / of...
by Jen Hadfield
Dust is curious. / Dust is thirsty.
by David Wheatley
Sydney Graham reach me a hand. / I read behind the forms a tale / that falls away and leaves...
by Douglas Dunn
To articulate clearly what is difficult to say / I shall transmit this by a beam from a lighthouse.
by Denise Riley
ice-burned tongues / clump into celestine’s / eye-blue spar & chink / on snow-muffled ears...
by Zaffar Kunial
When I arrived / I didn’t know / the word / for what I was.
by Mel Pryor
Maybe I buy the book in the brief belief / that thoughts can be reciprocal / and travel back and...
by Alan Gillis
A lifetime of work to own a house / then you end up diminished by it. ...
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