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HappenStance is an independent publisher specialising in poetry pamphlets. Based in Scotland, the press was originated by Helena Nelson in 2005 and she continues as main editor/blogger.

HappenStance operates a subscription scheme to allow readers and prospective poets an insight into the press and how it works, as well as a regularly updated publisher's blog. The press is open to unsolicited submissions from UK poets writing in English or Scots, with subscribers additionally offered detailed feedback on work sent in. The press was winner of the Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlet Publishing in 2010.

HappenStance also co-ordinates the Sphinx resource, which reviews poetry pamphlets, as well as posting features and interviews about poetry pamphlet publishing.

Gill Andrews was shortlisted for the Picador First Collection Prize.

Scottish poets

HappenStance has published these Scottish poets:

Patricia Ace
Gill Andrews
Sue Butler
Gerry Cambridge
Niall Campbell
Jim Carruth
Margaret Christie
Helen Clare
Tom Duddy
Helen Evans
Jo Field
Peter Gilmour
Stephanie Green
David Hale
Rosemary A. Hector
Kate Hendry
Alan Hill
Peter Jarvis
Paula Jennings
David Kinloch
Eleanor Livingstone
Richie McCaffery
Rob A. Mackenzie
Jean Mackie
Rosie Miles
J.O. Morgan
Mike Munro
Theresa Munoz
Helena Nelson
Andrew Philip
Alison Prince
D. A. Prince
Laurna Robertson
Andrew Sclater
Ruthven Todd
Deborah Trayhurn
Hamish Whyte
Jim C. Wilson
James W. Wood

Scottish poetry titles

HappenStance has published the following Scottish poetry titles in 2016:

Gerry Cambridge: The dark horse: the making of a little magazine & sundry divagations on poets, poetry, criticism & poetry culture
Kate Hendry: The lost original
Alan Hill: Gerontion
Helena Nelson: How (not) to get your poetry published
Helena Nelson: Down with poetry!
Alison Prince: Waking at five happens again: poems
Andrew Sclater: Dinner at the Blaws-Baxters'

Scottish poetry titles in 2015:

Gerry Cambridge: The printed snow: on typesetting poetry
Helen Evans: Only by flying
Jo Field: The Anglesey Leg
Stephanie Green: Flout
Peter Jarvis: Nights of a shining moon
Paula Jennings: Under a spell place
Rosie Miles: Cuts
J.O. Morgan: In casting off
Helena Nelson: The Happenstance story: chapter nine: the last chapter

Scottish poetry titles in 2014:

Gerry Cambridge: Notes for lighting a fire
Helen Clare: Entomology
Tom Duddy: The years
Rosemary A. Hector: Knowing Grapes
David Kinloch: Some women
Helena Nelson (editor): Blame Montezuma! an assortment of chocolate poems
Helena Nelson: The Happenstance story : chapter eight
Richard Osmond: Shill
Richard Osmond: Variant air
D. A. Prince: Common ground
Laurna Robertson: Praise song
Ruthven Todd: The ghost of Dylan Thomas

Scottish poetry titles in 2013

Helena Nelson: The Happenstance story : chapter seven  
Hamish Whyte: Hannah, are you listening? 

Scottish poetry titles in 2012: 

Gerry Cambridge: Notes for lighting a fire
Niall Campbell: After the creel fleet
Jim Carruth: Rider at the crossing
Jean Mackie: A little piece of earth
Theresa Munoz: Close
Richie McCaffery: Spinning plates
Helena Nelson: The Happenstance story: chapter six
Jim C. Wilson: Will I ever get to Minsk?

Scottish poetry titles in 2011:

Sue Butler: Arson
Peter Gilmour: Taking account
David Hale: The last walking stick factory
Helena Nelson: The Happenstance story: chapter five

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