diehard publishers

Independently publishing since 1990 a range of poetry books in Scots, Gaelic and English, in paperback, hard back and pamphlet form.

We have our own bindery and some printing and letterpress capacity, and have become known for innovative design and for our choice of interesting poets. We also publish the broadsheet Poetry Scotland. We are completely independent.

Scottish poets

diehard publishers has published these Scottish poets:

Ian Blake
Sheena Blackhall
Gavin Bowd
Margaret Gillies Brown
George Buchanan (in Latin)
Elizabeth Burns
Maoilios Caimbeul
Angus Calder
Sally Evans
Bashabi Fraser
Robin Fulton Macpherson
Rody Gorman
Charlie Gracie
Joy Hendry
Maurice Lindsay
Richard Livermore
Rob MacIlleChiar
Gordon Meade
Edwin Morgan
John Murray
Stuart A. Paterson
Chris Powici
Richard Price
Morelle Smith
Christopher Whyte
Jayne Wilding
Colin Will

Scottish poetry titles

diehard publishers published the following Scottish poetry titles in 2017:

George W. Colkitto: The year of the loch
Sally Evans: A Burrell tapestry and a Marion Burrell sampler
Morelle Smith: Shaping the water path

Scottish poetry titles in 2016:

Sally Evans: Anderson's piano
Sally Evans: Callander haiku
Sally Evans: The bees of Dunblane & the song of the walnut tree
Margaret Gillies Brown: Ilka spring
Corbenic poetry path: collected poems

Scottish poetry titles in 2014:

Sally Evans: Poetic adventures in Scotland with seventy poems

Scottish poetry titles in 2011:

Ian Blake: Remembering Falstaff and others
Sally Evans: A Burrell tapestry
Charlie Gracie: Good morning

Submission guidelines

We are ceasing to publish submission guidelines as we get to know poets through the community and readings. We do not accept online submissions.

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