Calder Wood Press

Calder Wood Press is an independent, unsubsidised press specialising in poetry books and occasionally collections of short stories.

It was established on a very small scale in 1998, and rapidly expanded from 2007. Its editor, Colin Will, prefers to publish people that he knows personally, and whose work he thinks deserves wider recognition. Each book is unique, and is edited and designed through close co-operation between author and publisher. It’s a relationship, not a product.

Jayne Wilding’s sky blue notebook from the Pyrenees was joint runner-up for the 2009 Callum Macdonald Memorial Award.

Scottish poets

Calder Wood Press has published these Scottish poets:

Irene Brown
Kevin Cadwallender
Mercedes Clarasó
Anne Connolly
Geoff Cooper
Anna Dickie
Morgan Downie
Alec Finlay
Christine Ford
Lillias Scott Forbes
Eddie Gibbons
Jo Gibson
Mary Johnston
Marion McCready
Donald McKinney 
Catriona Malan
Alistair Noon 
Lyn Moir
David C Purdie
Judith Stewart
Judith Taylor
Colin D. Will
Sheena Williamson
Ross Wilson
Juliet Wilson
Gerald Urwin 

Scottish poetry titles

Calder Wood Press published the following Scottish poetry titles in 2013:

Jo Gibson, Everything I thought I knew
Colin D. Will, The Year's six Seasons: Poems

Scottish poetry titles in 2012:

Alec Finlay, Question your teaspoons

Scottish poetry titles in 2011:

  • Lyn Moir, Velázquez’s Riddle
  • Marion McCready, Vintage Sea
  • Sonata Paliulytė, Still Life (author from Lithuania)
  • Alistair Noon, Out of the Cave
  • Ross Wilson's The Heavy Bag

Submission guidelines

The editor does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, and prefers to approach poets to publish.

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