Robert R. Calder

Robert R. Calder (b. 1950)



Robert R. Calder, born 1950 in the north of Lanarkshire, has published on Scottish philosophy, written literary criticism and a fair amount of verse. 

Full Biography

Robert R. Calder, born 1950 in the north of Lanarkshire, now freelances between the same place (now called South Lanarkshire) and South Western Germany. He studied at Edinburgh University with George Davie, has published (and taught classes) on Scottish philosophy and intellectual life, written numerous reviews and literary criticism (Edwin Muir, W. S. Graham), tales and a fair amount of verse variously published, collected and uncollected, including translations. He writes both in English and Scots.

Associated from the early 1970s and 1980s-1990s as an editor with Chapman, briefly editor of Lines Review, also involved with Edinburgh Review (1980s) and other periodicals, he has been an editor and reader for the Scotsoun poetry cassettes series. A trained singer, he worked with Avizandum. Other vocal performances include lectures and seminars in Germany, Poland, Oxford. He is J. F. Hendry's literary executor. Staff music writer (jazz, folkmusic) for the Chicago ‘journal of global culture’ PopMatters, he edited Narcissism, Nihilism, Simplicity by the German exile psychotherapist K.M. Abenheimer (AUP, 1991). His one substantial verse collection is Serapion (Chapman, 1996).

Poems by Robert R. Calder