Morelle Smith

Morelle Smith
Photograph of Morelle Smith by Vassil Tanev
Morelle Smith © Vassil Tanev



Morelle Smith is a poet, writer and traveller. 

Full Biography

Morelle Smith was born in Edinburgh and studied English and French at Edinburgh University, followed by a post-graduate teaching qualification and further courses in Europe; she has been a teacher of English, French and creative writing. She has lived and worked in Europe, as teacher and aid worker, and as the recipient of writer’s residencies, and is currently a free-lance writer, editor and translator, giving talks, readings and workshops. Morelle publishes poetry, fiction, essays and travel articles. Her poems have appeared on transport systems in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as in exhibitions in collaboration with visual artists, and her work has been translated into several European languages.

Poems by Morelle Smith

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Selected Bibliography

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