Margaret Gillies Brown

Margaret Gillies Brown (b. 1929)
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Margaret Gillies Brown



Margaret Gillies Brown is the author of nine collections of poetry, and of books of reminiscences of family and farming life. 

Full Biography

Margaret Gillies Brown was born near Edinburgh and lives in Perthshire on the family farm in the Carse of Gowrie, which her sons now work. She trained as a nurse, had seven children, and began to publish poetry after her youngest went to school. The family emigrated to Canada for a few years, and she recounts the experience of farming life there and in Scotland in several books of reminiscences.  She has published nine collections of poetry in book and pamphlet form. 

Poems by Margaret Gillies Brown

There are no poems by this poet on the Scottish Poetry Library website, but we do have items in our library collection.

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Selected Bibliography

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