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Kona Macphee (b. 1969)
Kona Macphee
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Kona Macphee is a poet and writer and a freelance media producer, specialising in podcasts, films, and web development.

Full Biography

Kona Macphee was born in London, grew up in Australia and now lives in Perthshire. After a very varied career, including work as disparate as computer science and running a creative mentoring agency, she now freelances as a media producer specialising in podcasts, short films, photography and web development. Her website Thingwright keeps pace with her creative projects.

Kona has been writing poems since 1997, and received an Eric Gregory Award in 1998. She has published three collections of poetry, the second of which, Perfect Blue, was awarded the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize for 2010.  In addition to poetry, she writes articles and science-fiction stories.

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Selected Bibliography

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