John Coutts

John Coutts (b. 1934)
John Coutts
John Coutts



John Coutts is a poet, performer, author and translator, with a broad experience in broadcasting. Born in Clydebank, he has worked in Nigeria as well as England, and is currently based in Stirling. After gaining a first-class degree in English Language and Literature, he went on to become a linguist specializing in European Literature. His contributions to The Complete Works of Alexander Pushkin in English (Milner and Co, 1999) include the epic poem 'Poltava' as well as many of his lyrics.

Coutts’s collected poems, Lines of a Lifetime, were published in 2010 by The Handsel Press. Recent work also includes Shakespeare in Stirling, a play based on a hypothetical undercover visit to Scotland by Shakespeare in the days before King James V1, which was written for the Riverside drama Club as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stage project. His solo show, A Box of Surprises, is ‘an entertainment in poetry and storytelling’ which can be adapted to suit numerous types of audiences. As well as writing drama scripts and performance poems for a young audience, Coutts’s Thought for the Day is a regular feature on BBC Radio Scotland.

Poems by John Coutts

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