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Iyad Hayatleh
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Iyad Hayatleh is a Palestinian poet and translator who has lived in Glasgow since 2000.

Full Biography

Iyad Hayatleh is a Palestinian poet and translator. He was born and grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, and has lived in Glasgow since 2000. Hayatleh has published work in Arabic and given readings in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. In Scotland, his work has appeared in magazines as well as pamphlets. His first collection, Beyond all Measure, was published by Survivor’s Press in 2007.

Hayatleh has collaborated with the poet Tessa Ransford on a two-way translation project resulting in the book A Rug of a Thousand Colours (Luath, 2012), inspired by the Five Pillars of Islam. He is an active member of Scottish PEN as well as Artists in Exile Glasgow, and has led workshops in Glasgow and Inverness schools, sponsored by the Scottish Poetry Library and Oxfam. He has taken part in readings across Scotland, including events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Poems by Iyad Hayatleh

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