Imtiaz Dharker

Imtiaz Dharker (b. 1954)
Photograph of Imtiaz Dharker by Ayesha Dharker Taylor
Imtiaz Dharker © Ayesha Dharker Taylor



Born in Pakistan, Imtiaz Dharker grew up a Muslim Calvinist in a Lahori household in Glasgow and eloped with a Hindu Indian to live in Bombay. She is now making a new life between India, London and Wales. She is an accomplished artist and documentary film-maker, and all her books, Postcards from god (including Purdah) (Bloodaxe, 1997), I Speak for the Devil (Bloodaxe, 2001) and The terrorist at my table (Bloodaxe, 2006), include her own drawings.

Poems by Imtiaz Dharker