Graham Fulton

Graham Fulton (b. 1959)
Graham Fulton
Graham Fulton



Graham Fulton is a prolific poet with over twenty titles to his name, and is well-known for his energetic readings. 

Full Biography

Graham Fulton began writing poetry in 1987 when he attended Tom Leonard’s writers’ workshop and is now the author of nine full length collections of poetry and over fifteen pamphlets. His work often combines poetry and photography. 

He was joint winner of the Scotia Bar First of May Poetry Prize in 1992, and has received three Scottish Arts Council bursaries. A founder member of the Itinerant Poets performance and publishing group, he was on the editorial board of West Coast Magazine and now runs Controlled Explosion Press. 

He’s also the co-author of the Pub Dogs series published by Freight and is a contributor to the anthology of translated Palestinian poetry A Bird is Not a Stone. 

Poems by Graham Fulton

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Selected Bibliography

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