Angus Calder

Angus Calder (1942 - 2008)
Photograph of Angus Calder by Gordon Wright
Angus Calder © Gordon Wright (image used under strict permission)



Angus Calder was a journalist, historian, editor and critic - and in later years, a poet.

Full Biography

Born in Surrey in 1942, historian, journalist, editor and critic, Angus Calder held academic posts in Britain and as far afield as New Zealand and Zimbabwe, returning to Edinburgh in later years. A prolific author of works on socio-political themes, he was also a poet, bringing out his first book, Waking in Waikato (diehard) in 1997, followed by Colours of Grief (Shoestring Press, 2002), Dipa's Bowl (Aark Arts, 2004) and Sun Behind the Castle (Luath, 2004). Angus Calder died in Edinburgh in 2008.

Poems by Angus Calder