Alison Flett

Alison Flett (b. 1965)



Alison Flett, a poet and short story writer, was born in Edinburgh and now lives in Australia.

Full Biography

Alison Flett was born in Edinburgh in 1965 and now lives in Australia, after some years in Orkney.  She had poetry and short stories published, and performed her work on British television and radio, and since moving to Adelaide in 2010 has had work included in magazines and anthologies. She has been awarded a grant to explore the nature of home and belonging. 

Previous publications include Restricted Vocabulary (Clocktower Press, 1991) Writing Like A Bastard (Rebel Inc, 1993) and Whit Lassyz Ur Inty (Thirsty Books, 2004).

Poems by Alison Flett