Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson (b. 1938)
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Alan Jackson



Alan Jackson is a Scottish poet and writer who established influential poetry readings at the Edinburgh Festival in the 1960s. 

Full Biography

Alan Jackson, born in 1938 in Liverpool of Scottish parents, moved to Edinburgh in 1940. His reading career began on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and in 1965 he established the annual Traverse Theatre poetry readings which were to become a platform for the Liverpool poets. After a career of performing readings all over Britain, Jackson retired from the scene, having had work published in diverse journals, flagged as a Penguin Modern Poet in 1968 and published by Fulcrum in 1969. His short poem, ‘Young Politician', is to be found carved in the Canongate Wall of the Scottish Parliament building. 

His poetry, published in about a dozen books and pamphlets, is collected in Salutations: Collected Poems 1960-1989 (Polygon, 1990). Further publications include Walking Through Apocalypse, and, A Great Beauty (Stories and Dialogues).

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