złożenie Chrystusa do grobu, olej, płótno

złożenie Chrystusa do grobu, olej, płótno
jedno po drugim oglądamy ich
którzy trzymają przebitego w świetle
trzymają jakby chcieli zapamiętać
bo my zapomnimy wszystko
na śmierć

wszystko na śmierć

jedno po drugim
w świetle przebitego
Jakub Ekier

from podczas ciebie (Kraków: Wydawnictwo a5, 1999)

Reproduced by permission of the author and translators.
Gosod Crist yn y Bedd; olew ar gynfas
Bob yn un, fe’u gwyliwn
Gyflwynant y dyn dolurus i’r golau
Cofleidiant ef fel pe baent am ei gofio
Ac am y methwn gofio yn ein byw

Methwn. Yn ein byw.

Bob yn un
I olau’r dyn dolurus.
translated by Mererid Puw Davies
Kladení do hrobu, olej na plátně
jednoho po druhém si prohlížíme ty
kteří drží probodnutého v světle
drží jako by si chtěli pamatovat 
protože zapomeneme na všechno
jak na smrt

na všechno jak na smrt

jedno po druhém
v světle probodnutého
translated by Petr Borkovec
Jakub Ekier

Jakub Ekier was born in Warsaw, where he still lives. He is a poet, translator, essayist, and editor. He graduated in German Studies from Warsaw University. His collection Caly Czas ('For the whole time') was published in 1992, and podczas ciebie ('During you') in 1999.

He has translated, among others, Celan, Kunze, Kafka and Lise Aichinger. His works have been inspired by Celan and Ryszard Krynicki's poetry. They are characterized by an unusual, almost epigrammatic linguistic brevity, ambiguity and poetic compactness. Some of his poems are included in Altered State: The New Polish Poetry (Arc, 2003).

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Mererid Puw Davies

Mererid Puw Davies grew up in Lancashire and Clywd, and studied in Hamburg and Oxford. She currently lectures in German Literature, film and cultural studies at University College London.

Besides her academic publications, she is the co-author of two fantasy adventure books, and has published two collections of poetry: Darluniau ('Pictures', 1988) and Caneuon o Ben Draw’r Byd ('Songs from the End of the World', 1996). Mererid Puw Davies is also interested in the translation of poetry, notably from and into Welsh and other lesser-used languages, and has worked, translated and published with poets and translators in lesser-used languages across Europe.

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Petr Borkovec

Petr Borkovec was born in Louòovice, central Bohemia, and lives in Cernosice, southwest of Prague. He was editor with the weekly cultural journal Lidove noviny  from 1995 to 2000, and is now a freelance writer and translator of poetry. His particular interests as a translator are twentieth-century Russian poetry and contemporary Hungarian poetry, and recent projects include translations of Sophocles and Aeschylus. He has published several collections of his own poetry, and has been widely translated. He is the director of the lively literary programme of Cafe Fra, in Prague. A selection of his poems, From the Interior: Poems 1995 - 2005 was published by Seren in 2008, translated by Justin Quinn.

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About złożenie Chrystusa do grobu, olej, płótno

‘Voyages & versions / Tursan is Tionndaidhean’ was the title of the translation workshop run by the Scottish Poetry Library and Literature Across Frontiers 12-18 May 2003. The group consisted of Petr Borkovec (Czech Republic), Mererid Puw Davies (Wales), Jakub Ekier (Poland), Matthew Fitt (Scotland), Rody Gorman (Scotland), Milan Jesih (Slovenia),  Doris Kareva (Estonia), Esther Kinsky (England) and Aled Llion (Wales). The group spent days at Moniack Mhor writing centre in the Highlands, returned to the Library in Edinburgh and went up to Dundee Contemporary Arts, and gave multi-lingual readings, producing what was, in effect, an hour’s sound-poem. Several of the poets mentioned their sense of renewed faith in poetry – how refreshed they felt by the chance to look closely at their own and others’ work in company with people whose aesthetics might be quite different but whose skills and passion were recognisably similar.