The Years Gane By

The Years Gane By
(Tune: The Cardin O’t)

I’m thinkin noo the years gane by
micht weel be thon furst year we met
whan tyme an tyde baith held their weesht
fae day updaw tae sun doonset.
As dancein feet wi tymlyie skill
an contar steps can birl aroon,
here yet we byde as there we moved,
entwyned wi luve lyke sang an tune.

I mynd, an wynd the thocht in sang,
that I the sang cood never sing
had no the haill wurld bleezed in weire 
tae gar oor phoenix luve tak wing.
Thon widdreme flicht of lichtsome days, 
thae lowes that brunt us hert an bane,
hae set their merk for aye and on
hoo luve was yince and aye again.

May luve aye prove a guidgaun lilt
tae roose the hert whan days growe cauld;
may gentlie kynd be ilka thocht
tae licht the een whan growein auld.
An syne, when gyan caunnie baith,
an laith the tither fuit tae gang,
whyles in the auntrin dwaumin dream
may baith move blye as tune wi sang.  

For Peg 16th Feb 1966
T. S. Law

from At the Pynt o the Pick and Other Poems (Blackford: Fingerpost Publicatiouns, 2008)

Reproduced by permission of the Estate of T.S. Law.
T. S. Law

T. S. Law was a prolific poet who wrote mainly in Scots and produced work in a great variety of form and length, his subjects being working-class culture and community, the political condition of Scotland and the world-wide imperative of freedom.

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