Winter in Strathearn

Winter in Strathearn
(extract from the poem) 

The twinkling Earn, like a blade in the snow,
The low hills scalloped against the high, 
The high hills leaping upon the low, 
And the amber wine in the cup of the sky, 
With the white world creaming over the rim, 
She watched; and a keen aroma rose, 
Embodied, a star above the snows; 
For when the west sky-edge grows dim, 
When lights are silver and shades are brown, 
Behind Torlum the sun goes down; 
And from Glenartney, night by night; 
The full fair star of evening creeps; 
Though spectral branches clasp it tight, 
Like magic from their hold it leaps. 
And reaches heaven at once. Her sight 
Gathers the star, and in her eyes 
She meekly wears heaven's fairest prize. 
John Davidson
John Davidson

A Scot who found work in London as a jounalist, John Davidson was prolific in his production of popular ballads, literary dramas and novels.  

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About Winter in Strathearn

from The Poems of John Davidson, Vol. 1 (Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1973)