Why do the Houses Stand

Why do the Houses Stand
Why do the houses stand
When they that built them are gone;
When remaineth even of one
That lived there and loved and planned
Not a face, not an eye, not a hand,
Only here and there a bone?
Why do the houses stand
When they who built them are gone?
Oft in the moonlighted land
When the day is overblown,
With happy memorial moan
Sweet ghosts in a loving band
Roam through the houses that stand--
For the builders are not gone.
George MacDonald
George MacDonald

George MacDonald was born in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, in 1824. After studying Moral Philosophy and Sciences at Aberdeen University, he trained for the Congregational church, but his liberal views prevented him from being successful as a minister. He was, however, successful as a writer, giving expression to his religious beliefs through allegorical novels and poetry, notably Phantastes (1858). Although best known now for his classic books for children, poetry started off his life of prolific production (Within and Without, a dramatic poem, was published in 1855) and continued to feature during the following four decades.

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