The Well-Spring

The Well-Spring
          Since the former priestess's departure
a sea-change has taken place:  
after years of loyal endeavour, 
the ranks of the handmaidens
have been thinned. May their successors,
the new custodians, in due course
prove their dexterity as water-drawers;
and retain the wellspring, a continuing 
source 	of replenishment, untainted; 
its silver bucket untarnished. Meanwhile,
giving the imagination free rein, may they 
preserve their predecessors' vigour and grace, 
midway between figures on a Keatsian urn
and Matisse's dancers, in their ecstatic ring. 
Stewart Conn
Stewart Conn

Stewart Conn was the inaugural Edinburgh City Makar from 2002 to 2005. He is a poet and playwright, with more than a dozen collections of poetry; The Touch of Time: new & selected poems was published in 2014.  

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