Last night the mouth of the earth spewed up fire. 

One girl said she felt strange, her limbs heavy. 
She said her blood, "felt like turning into honey."

When she burst into blossom we were on the volcano.
Her cry was more like a trumpet, it came out of mouth
turning from mouth into petalled coronet.

The end of it was nothing 
but the tremble of a white flower on a vine.

JL Williams

from Condition of Fire (Exeter, Shearsman, 2011). 

Reproduced by permission of the publisher.
JL Williams

JL Williams was born in New Jersey and studied at Wellesley College and on the MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. She moved to Edinburgh in 2001.

She is particularly interested in cross-form work and has collaborated with artists, musicians and filmmakers. She was awarded a grant from the Scottish Arts Council for a poetry collaboration entitled chiaroscuro pentimenti with composer Martin Parker and artist Anna Chapman, and the Edwin Morgan Travel Bursary from the Scottish Arts Trust. In September 2009 she journeyed to the Aeolian Isles to write a collection inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses, Condition of Fire (Shearsman Books, 2011). Her second collection, Locust and Marlin (Shearsman, 2014), explores the idea of home and where we come from.

JL Williams performs in the band Opul and is Programme Manager at the Scottish Poetry Library.


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