An t-Seann Chairt Againn

An t-Seann Chairt Againn
Ghiùlain i mìle mìorbhail – 
pocan-mòna nach tèid àireamh, 
clòimhtean chaorach bhon an àirigh, 
badan feòir is cocan-eòrna,

còig gille deug air am pronnadh 
agus aon latha foghair
rùda mòr a chaidh a rùsgadh 
is faoileag a' danns air adhairc.

Bha an t-each sean is caol ge-tà 
's chaidh a reic ri ceàrd bha siubhal, 
's ghabh fuaim am Massey Ferguson àit' 
gliog is brag na cuibhill.

                                    A' chairt 
na fealla-dhà làn-ùine. Air bòrd, sheòl 
sinn gu San Francisco, 's dh'èirich pàirt 
dhan ghealaich, 's a' chluasag-bheòil

bhiodh ceangal an asail 's na cuibhl' 
fhathast nam postan-coise 
a' meirgeadh thall an Uibhist.
Angus Peter Campbell

from Aibisidh (Polygon, 2011)

Reproduced by permission of the publisher.
Our Old Cart
She bore wonders –
endless sacks of dusty peat, 
countless bags of oily wool, 
stooks of hay and jagged corn,

fifteen squashed boys, 
and one spectacular day 
a sheared ram with a stray 
gull dancing on its horns.

But the horse grew old 
and was sold to a passing tinker, 
so the brand-new Massey Ferguson 
replaced the bridle's chinkle.

                           The cart 
became our plaything. It sailed 
to San Francisco, and part of it flew 
to the moon, and that bit 

which connects the axle to the wheel 
became a pair of goal-posts which still stand 
rusting in the relentless Uist wind.
translated by Angus Peter Campbell
Angus Peter Campbell

Poet and novelist Angus Peter Campbell was born in South Uist and now lives in the Highlands, where he works in the media.

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The Old Cart National Poetry Day 2011 postcard

This poem was reproduced on a postcard for National Poetry Day 2011. Eight poetry postcards are published each year by the Scottish Poetry Library to celebrate National Poetry Day and are distributed throughout Scotland to schools, libraries and other venues. The theme for 2011 was games. You can find out more about National Poetry Day in our National Poetry Day pages, where you'll also find resources to go with the poems.