Song XIV

Song XIV
Oh little apple and whither 
   are you rolling? Ever further 
from the riverside, where she waits, 
   as still as a heron, for you.

Oh little apple, will this be 
   your last word? There are no last words. 
The river flows on, as it must, 
   past you and the lonely heron.

Tom Pow

from Songs from a Dying Village  (Pueblo Press, 2008)

Reproduced by permission of the author.
Tom Pow

Tom Pow was born in Edinburgh on 25 May 1950. His father was an artist influenced by surrealism, who taught at Moray House and Edinburgh College of Art, as well as in schools. Tom Pow studied Medieval History at the University of St Andrews, then taught for a number of years in Edinburgh, London and Madrid before settling in Dumfries, where he became an English teacher at Dumfries Academy. He went on to become Head of Creative and Cultural Studies at the University of Glasgow’s Crichton Campus, Dumfries, and was Honorary Senior Research Fellow there.  He lectures at Lancaster University on its Distance Learning MA in Creative Writing. Recolectores de Nueces / The Walnut Gatherers, a bi-lingual selection of poems, translated by Jorge Fondebrider (La Joplin, Mexico), was published in 2015.

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