A Small Thing

A Small Thing
'A hurt so small,'
    Say you,
'A thread of grey
    On blue,
So slight a thing
Less than a wild rose sting
Nothing at all.'
    And yet,
When thrushes call,
    Or winds awake
And sigh – and sink –
    And fall –
Into the evening’s grey
I think –
    And think
This small heartbreak
Will wear my life away. 
Marion Angus

fromThe Turn of the Day  (Edinburgh: The Porpoise Press, 1931), and included in The Singin Lass: selected work of Marion Angus, edited by Aimée Chalmers (Polygon, 2006)

Reproduced by permission of the Estate of Marion Angus.
Marion Angus

Coming late in her life to poetry, Marion Angus wrote during the 1920s, frequently in her native Scots, poems  suggesting social and emotional rejection, and on the ballad-themes of lost love and unquiet spirits. 

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