'A single quaver...'

'A single quaver...'
A single quaver
of loosening ice
extends across the silence,
revives the air
with the almost forgotten song
of snow melting to water
and of water flowing
to reaffirm 
as winter’s claw
holds a little longer,
although what was
is strong,
what will be’s
Gael Turnbull

from A Winter Journey (Durham: Pig, 1987)

Reproduced by permission of the author.
Gael Turnbull

Gael Turnbull was born in Edinburgh on 7 April 1928. His father was Ralph Gale Turnbull, who had gone to America to study to be a minister, where he met Turnbull’s mother, Anne Lundin, a teacher whose parents were Swedish. They lived in Edinburgh, where his father was finishing his studies. After he qualified as a Baptist minister, the family moved around according to where he was sent: places such as Jarrow and Blackpool. In 1939 they made a bigger move -– to Minnesota, where the Lundin family lived; then to Winnipeg in Canada where his father became pastor of an Elim Chapel.

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