For a time at least, we are renewables.
There is some face, some snowline, or some shore
Fuels us, a power-source. Just to dream of it
Is to unravel what the world is for.

But if it fades, we do, and the solution's
At once too self-deluding and too crude:
New dreams we dream alone will not renew it;
Only old, common dreams can be renewed.
Robert Crawford
Reproduced by permission of the author.
Robert Crawford

Robert Crawford is Professor in the School of English at the University of St Andrews, and one of Scotland's most distinguished poet-critics. He was one of the 'New Generation' poets in 1994, a group which has proved to include some of the best poets of that generation of Scottish writers who have come to maturity in the post-devolution era. 



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About Renewables

This poem was commissioned by Murdo Fraser MSP, Mid Scotland and Fife in 2005. It was part of the second stage of the SPL’s Holyrood Link project, through which poets and MSPs were partnered and explored areas of mutual interest.

Robert Crawford commented:
My poem comes from some of the things Murdo and I spoke about over lunch, particularly renewable energy, Murdo's enthusiasm for Kilimanjaro (which, rightly or wrongly, prompted the 'snowline'), and what I perceived as his regret at the passing of an older political climate. I've tried to write a poem in which we could both have some share, even if our individual politics are rather different!