Nine One Word Poems

Nine One Word Poems
A Far Cool Beautiful Thing, Vanishing

The Dear Green Plaice

Homage to Zukofsky

The Dilemmas of a Horn

Ada Nada Paradada

Lattice, Lettuce, Ladders

Wet Dry Wet Dry Wet Asdic

Dangerous Glory

O Vapour-trails! O Water-melons!

Edwin Morgan

from Dreams and Other Nightmares: New and Uncollected Poems 1954-2009  (Mariscat Press, 2010)

first published in the final issue of Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. no. 27 (c.1967), and reprinted in a hand-made booklet in 1982 by Mariscat Press (see image below, and the link to the Edwin Morgan Archive website where the item can be viewed page by page)

Reproduced by permission of the Estate of Edwin Morgan.
Edwin Morgan

Born in Glasgow, Edwin Morgan lived there all his life, except for service with the RAMC. Although his poetry is grounded in the city, the title of his 1973 collection, From Glasgow to Saturn, suggests the enormous range of Morgan's subject matter. He was Glasgow's first Poet Laureate 1999-2002, and the first to hold the post of 'Scots Makar', created by the Scottish Executive in 2004 to recognise the achievement of Scottish poets throughout the centuries.

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