Nae Day Sae Dark

Nae Day Sae Dark
Nae day sae dark; nae wüd sae bare; 
Nae grund sae stour wi' stane; 
But licht comes through; a sang is there; 
A glint o' grass is green.
Wha hasna thol'd his thorter'd hours 
And kent, whan they were by, 
The tenderness o' life that fleurs 
Rock-fast in misery?
William Soutar

from Collected Poems, edited by Hugh MacDiarmid (Andrew Dakers, 1948), and included in Into a Room: selected poems of William Soutar ( Argyll Publishing, 2000)

© National Library of Scotland. Reproduced by permission of the National Library of Scotland.
William Soutar

William Soutar overcame his ill-health to write poetry in celebration of ‘the generosity of life’, and much verse in Scots for children. 

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