The Morning After

The Morning After
Scotland, 19th September 2014

Let none wake despondent: one way 
or another we have talked plainly, 
tested ourselves, weighed up the sum
of our knowing, ta’en tent o scholars, 
checked the balance sheet of risk and 
fearlessness, of wisdom and of folly. 

Was it about the powers we gain or how 
we use them?  We aim for more equality; 
and for tomorrow to be more peaceful
than today; for fairness, opportunity, 
the common weal; a hand stretched out
in ready hospitality.   	

It’s those unseen things that bind us, 
not flag or battle-weary turf or tartan.
There are dragons to slay whatever happens:
poverty, false pride, snobbery, sectarian 	
schisms still hovering. But there’s			
nothing broken that’s not repairable.

We’re a citizenry of bonnie fighters,
a gathered folk; a culture that imparts,		
inspires, demands a rare devotion,  
no back-tracking; that each should work
and play our several parts to bring about
the best in Scotland, an open heart.
Christine De Luca
Reproduced by kind permission of the author.
Christine De Luca

Christine De Luca is a Shetland writer now living in Edinburgh. She writes her poetry in English and in Shetlandic, her mother tongue. She was appointed Edinburgh's Makar for 2014-2017.

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About The Morning After

Edinburgh Makar Christine De Luca wrote this poem in the run-up to the 2014 vote on the issue of Scottish independence. It's a timely reminder, given the passions the debate awoke, that come the day after polling stations close, Scots will still have to live and work together in the same country.