Triple goddess, three heroines in one
Rippling through water fluent as a selkie,
In your wake star-bubbles glitter and vanish.

Ashore, you shrug your gleaming skin, turn centaur
Tearing full tilt along freewheeling roads
Half-woman, half-machine, quicksilver-flash

Lost to view in a moment; shifting to hare
Outstrip the pack, running for dear life,
Nerved for the all but impossible, heart-bursting finish.
A.C. Clarke

The Laws of the Game - Seventeen Poets Respond to Glasgow's Commonwealth Games in 2014 (Glasgow: 2014)

Reproduced by permission of the poet.
A.C. Clarke

A. C. Clarke is a poet and translator with a background in teaching. She is an active member of Scottish PEN and has worked with refugee poets. 

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