The Little Bird

The Little Bird
One morning I got up
to pick oranges in the garden.
And I saw this.
I saw the rising sun
and the little bird
singing his morning song.
And I heard this.
The little bird chirped: “Cui, cui, cui!”
And begged:
“Please, leave my little ones in their nest.”
And I said this:
First I chirped: “Cui, cui, cui!”
And then I said:
“Don’t be afraid, I am your friend.”
And what was asked I did.
Since that day the little bird loves me
and his sweet song gives me great pleasure.
And this is what happened.
Non-Scottish anonymous

from Poems from Black Africa, edited by Langston Hughes (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1963)

version by Rolf Italiaander

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Non-Scottish anonymous
About The Little Bird

This poem, representing Gabon, is part of The Written World – our collaboration with BBC radio to broadcast a poem from every single nation competing in London 2012.