La lluna i la primavera

La lluna i la primavera
no escrivim sobre la mort només sobre la vida

els morts no escriuen

com tampoc el pollastre que ara és a la cassola 

        coneixia la recepta

vers rere vers escric sobre la vida

ho podria fer sobre la lluna els ocells o la primavera

però amb el terra el cel i els dies que vindran conformo una capsa

i quan els ocells la primavera o els plaers 

        aconsegueixen distreure’m

encara que siguin musa de poetes 
trio no escriure
Teresa Colom

from My mother was wondering about death (Pagès, 2012)

Reproduced by kind permission of the author.
The Moon and Spring
we don’t write about death only about life

the dead do not write

just as the chicken that's now in the pot 

	didn't know the recipe

line after line I write about life

I could do the same about the moon or birds or spring

but with the ground the sky and the days to come I make a box

and when the birds the spring or pleasures

	manage to distract me 

poets’ muse though they may be 

I choose not to write
from My mother was wondering about death (Pagès, 2012). Translated by Anna Crowe. Reproduced by kind permission of the translator.
Teresa Colom

Andorran poet Teresa Colom trained in economics and business and worked for a number of years in the financial sector before beginning to write full time. 

In 2001, she published her first book, Like the Months of June, followed by The Temperature of Lips (2002), and Elegies of a Known Ending (2005). Her latest work is Where Everything is Glass (2009).

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About La lluna i la primavera

This poem, representing Andorra, is part of The Written World – our collaboration with BBC radio to broadcast a poem from every single nation competing in London 2012.