The sun trickles though calligraphy
on the pine-tops and the path
becomes a chess board of dark and light,
a swithering of midges
one moment there, the next,
no more, illusion performed.

A train shaves the edge of the tree-line,
shooting towards Dundee, its long
drawn out ebb more of a wind
than a wind that kneels in prayer
in a green and grand cathedral;
only a startled roe deer

breaks the quiet, beating retreat
on dead wood, tree-root and tussock;
or a woodpecker with his rapid tattoo
at the start of work. It finishes
in a portico of light, which bottles
all of the business of beyond.
Ian Nimmo White

from Standing Back (Petrel, 2000)

Reproduced by permission of the author.
Ian Nimmo White

Born in Paisley in 1948, Ian Nimmo White was the Professional Youth and Community Officer with Fife Council from 1972 to 2004, and lives in Leslie, Fife. He started writing seriously in 1994, and his poetry has appeared in many literary magazines across the UK and in Australia and Canada. From 1998 to 2003, he edited the magazine Fife Lines, a multi-level poetry journal supported by the Scottish Arts Council, which uniquely included the best work from senior high school pupils in Scotland. 

His collections include Standing Back (Petrel, 2000) and Symmetry (2007). His poem 'Kirkforthar' represented the area around the Lomond Hills in Fife as part of the Scottish Poetry Library's Poetry Map of Scotland.

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