The Free Natioun

The Free Natioun
Preeve you tae me thare's natiounhood,
and I sall preeve thare's nane;
an that's as gyte as your belief
that needs nae pruif tae ken.
And I can preeve ayont belief,
ayont corollarie,
no dae the-noo means never dae
an Scotland never free.
Preeve you tae me thare's natiouns nane,
and I shall preeve thare's yin,
for that belief bydes ben belief
lik marra ben the baen.
And I can preeve ayont belief,
ayont corollarie,
gif we dae noo an dae nae mair,
then Scotland will be free.
Sae let the unthinkable be thocht
lik a fire-flaucht thru the haerns,
that the unsayable be said
lik thunder tae the bairns;
an let the unwurkable be wrocht
lik a spaein ben the speirin,
that the unmakkable be made
lik het and hammered airn;
an let the unseeable be seen
lik the endmaist revelatioun,
then the undaeable will be duin
an Scotland made the natioun.

18th October 1977
T. S. Law

from At the Pynt o the Pick and Other Poems (Blackford: Fingerpost Publicatiouns, 2008)

Reproduced by permission of the Estate of T.S. Law.
T. S. Law

T. S. Law was a prolific poet who wrote mainly in Scots and produced work in a great variety of form and length, his subjects being working-class culture and community, the political condition of Scotland and the world-wide imperative of freedom.

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