When we first rade down Ettrick,
Our bridles were ringing, our hearts were dancing,
The waters were singing, the sun was glancing,
An' blithely our hearts rang out thegither,
As we brushed the dew frae the blooming heather,
  When we first rade down Ettrick.

When we next rade down Ettrick,
The day was dying, the wild birds calling,
The wind was sighing, the leaves were falling,
An' silent an' weary, but closer thegither,
We urged our steeds thro' the faded heather,
  When we next rade down Ettrick.

When I last rade down Ettrick,
The winds were shifting, the storm was waking,
The snow was drifting, my heart was breaking,
For we never again were to ride thegither,
In sun or storm on the mountain heather,
  When I last rade down Ettrick.
Lady John Scott
Lady John Scott

'Haud fast by the past' was Lady John Scott's motto, which she followed through out her long life as a Borders landowner, using her position to protect architectural and archaeological remains, preserve ancient traditions and defend the Scots tongue. She is remembered as a songwriter and collector of folk songs and tales, and is most famous for rewriting the words to 'Annie Laurie', and composing for it a most memorable tune. 

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