The Duke

The Duke
The heid-bummer, prood wi a ryaltie o a shillin a ton
lik the hovein o the coals alow the hauch o the grun
fae Bothwaal tae faur enyuch awo, gaed aa the wy
fae thare tae thonner for wechtie brazen yetts
an stanes as orrie as a Tallie shope: and a gyan
orrie mausoleum biggit tae keep him and his apairt fae the getts
at the coal-gettin.  But syne, whan the chaipel ot happit his baens,
a dirdum o protest dirlt an riftit fae the wame o the stanes.

Hingin fae the windae o a troop train at Carstairs,
the drucken Atlas o a sodger, shooglin the wurld lik a muckle troll,
yallocht, "Aa this wy for Wishie.  Aa you that's in for here
come oot."  And oot was the Duke that was no that sweir
tae be in thare for thonner, for the grund itsel gat rairin
wi a skowth that wuidnae thole him, syne cowpt His Ryaltie lik a cairt o coals.

10th August 1955
T. S. Law

from At the Pynt o the Pick and Other Poems (Blackford: Fingerpost Publicatiouns, 2008)

Reproduced by permission of the Estate of T.S. Law.
T. S. Law

T. S. Law was a prolific poet who wrote mainly in Scots and produced work in a great variety of form and length, his subjects being working-class culture and community, the political condition of Scotland and the world-wide imperative of freedom.

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