December Day

December Day
I ask no lovelier thing
Than this December silver:
See how the light flakes off the new-turned plough
Under the slow great swing
Of branches, silver-boled;
Not all the silken, tender ways of spring
Can over-pass this cold
And windy beauty; see
Where thin-blown ripples spreading
Pattern the water with a mesh of gold.
Not war, nor present misery,
Can rout earth’s ageless peace
Or check the steady rhythm of her soil
To yield and year’s increase.
Yet sun in earth, yet love in man works on, 
And shall not cease.
Dorothy Margaret Paulin

from Solway Tide (William Hodge Ltd., [196-?] )

Reproduced by permission of the author's Estate.
Dorothy Margaret Paulin

Dorothy Margaret Paulin is best known for poems which illustrate the beauty of her native Dumfriesshire. 

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