Dòchas – 
rionnag anns na speuran.

Dùil – 
rocaid agus rionnag anns na speuran.

Creideamh – 
adhar làn rionnagan.

Cinnt – 
grian a’ deàrrsadh

Maoilios Caimbeul

'Dòchas', from Eileanan (Roinn nan Cànan Ceilteach, 1980), by permission of the author

Hope – 
star in the skies.

Expectation – 
rocket and star in the skies.

Faith – 
sky full of stars.

Certainty – 
sun shining.
Translation from Ronald Black (ed.), An Tuil (Polygon, 1999), by permission of Birlinn Ltd
Maoilios Caimbeul

Maoilios Caimbeul/Myles Campbell is a poet, novelist and teacher, working mainly in Scottish Gaelic and living on Skye. 

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About Dòchas

This poem was reproduced on a postcard for National Poetry Day 2015. Eight poetry postcards are published each year by the Scottish Poetry Library to celebrate National Poetry Day and are distributed throughout Scotland to schools, libraries and other venues. The theme for 2015 was 'light'.