Culbin Sands

Culbin Sands
Here lay a fair fat land;
    But now its townships, kirks, graveyards
Beneath bald hills of sand
    Lie buried deep as Babylonian shards.

But gales may blow again;
    And like a sand-glass turned about
The hills in a dry rain
    Will flow away and the old land look out;

And where now hedgehog delves 
    And conies hollow their long caves
Houses will build themselves 
    And tombstones rewrite names on dead men’s graves. 
Andrew Young

from Selected Poems (Carcanet, 1998) 

Reproduced by kind permission of Carcanet Press.
Andrew Young

Andrew Young was born in Elgin and schooled in Edinburgh, beginning his career as a minister in the Church of Scotland and ending it in the Church of England. His life after1920 was spent in Sussex, but his landscape poetry often returns to Scottish locations. He received the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry in 1952.

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