Clan Donald's Call to Battle At Harlaw

Clan Donald's Call to Battle At Harlaw
after the Gaelic of Lachlann Mor MacMhuirich (fl. 1411)

You Clann of Conn, remember this:
Strength from the eye of the storm.
Be at them, be animals,
Be alphas, be Argus-eyed,
Be belters, be brandishers
Be bonny, be batterers,
Be cool heads, be caterans,
Be clashers, be conquerors,
Be doers, be dangerous,
Be dashing, be diligent,
Be eager, be excellent,
Be eagles, be elegant,
Be foxy, be ferrety,
Be fervid, be furious,
Be grimmer, be gralloching,
Be grinders, be gallopers,
Be hardmen, be hurriers,
Be hell-bent, be harriers, 
Be itching, be irritants,
Be impish, be infinite,
Be lucky, be limitless  
Be lashers, be loftiest,
Be manly, be murderous,
Be martial, be militant,
Be noxious, be noisiest,
Be knightly, be niftiest,
Be on guard, be orderly,
Be off now, be obdurate,
Be prancing, be panic-free,
Be princely, be passionate,
Be rampant, be renderers,
Be regal, be roaring boys, 
Be surefire, be Somerleds,
Be surgers, be sunderers,
Be towering, be tactical, 
Be tip-top, be targetters,
Be urgent, be up for it,
In vying be vigorous
In ending all enemies.
Today is for triumphing,
You hardy great hunting-dogs,
You big-boned braw battle boys,
You lightfoot spry lionhearts,
You wall of wild warriors, 
You veterans of victories,
You heroes in your hundreds here,
You Clan of Conn, remember this:
Strength from the eye of the storm.
Robert Crawford

from Full Volume (Jonathan Cape, 2008)
Reproduced by permission of the publisher

Robert Crawford

Robert Crawford is Professor in the School of English at the University of St Andrews, and one of Scotland's most distinguished poet-critics. He was one of the 'New Generation' poets in 1994, a group which has proved to include some of the best poets of that generation of Scottish writers who have come to maturity in the post-devolution era. 



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