A man wi' a great big beard 
A met;
Said: ‘Don't be feared 
If ye get wet.

Run twenty years 
On nature's liquor, 
Hit velocity 
An die the quicker.

Let the watter rin 
Ower the top o yer heid, 
And don't come up 
Till they think ye're deid.

When the crowds are away 
An the stars are out, 
Land back on earth 
Wi a helluva clout.

Then dance a dozen 
Steps or two 
On yer empty grave: 
Ye'll do, ye'll do.'
Alan Jackson

from Salutations: Collected Poems 1960-1989 (Edinburgh: Polygon, 1990)

Reprinted by permission of the author
Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson is a Scottish poet and writer who established influential poetry readings at the Edinburgh Festival in the 1960s. 

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