Captain Puggle

Captain Puggle
Captain Puggle flees his plane
Frae Tumshie Airport tae Bahrain
Gets the Smiths and their wee wean
Brings them aw back hame again.

Captain Puggle flees tae Barra
Skites aff like a shootin arra
But he’ll soon be back the morra
Pechin like a puggled sparra.

Captain Puggle’s oot o ile
Efter ainly twinty mile
Sae he has tae bide a while
In a field ootside Carlisle.

Captain Puggle jets tae Crete
Wi his neebor, Bowfer Pete
In the cockpit, Bowfer’s feet
Aye mak Captain Puggle greet.

Captain Puggle’s sellt his plane
Says he’ll never flee again
But next week he’s aff tae Spain
In his brand-new Buhlitt Train.
Matthew Fitt

From The Thing that Mattered Most: Scottish poems for children edited by Julie Johnstone (SPL/B&W, 2006)

Reproduced by permission of the author.
Matthew Fitt

Matthew Fitt is a poet and educator, working in the field of Scots language education. 

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