Online catalogue

Using the SPL online catalogue

Where do I find the SPL online catalogue?

The SPL online catalogue is housed

What will I find on the online catalogue?

All of the items in our collection are catalogued.

For example, you’ll find

  • Books & pamphlets
  • Cuttings
  • Individual articles and items from within Scottish periodicals (the Scottish Poetry Periodical Index)
  • Audio materials
  • Edwin Morgan Archive items

How do I do a basic search?

You can do a basic search here

Use the drop down arrow to narrow your search by Title, Author, Subject or ISBN

How do I do an advanced search?

You can use the advanced search here

This allows you to target your search and to combine terms to help get more specific results.

  • You can choose to search the entire catalogue, or just the Scottish Poetry Periodical Index
  • You can limit the search to specific types of format by checking any of the shelving locations
  • You can use the drop down arrows to choose whether to search by subject (eg about trees, or about a particular poet) or by author, or by a variety of others paths
  • Use the ‘phrase’ option when you are confident you know the exact spelling of the term or name you are searching for

How do I borrow by post online?

Our system has two functions: the cart and placing a hold. The cart function is mainly designed for those who will be physically navigating the library collections: to make a list in printer-friendly format to bring in to find items, almost like a shopping list before going to the shop. Placing an item in a cart won't stop anyone else borrowing it or reserve it for you. You can place items in a cart that can't be loaned out: reference books, articles, records.

Placing a hold on an item, on the other hand, reserves the item for you, stops anyone else borrowing it in the meantime, and the system only allows you to place holds on items that are eligible for lending. You can place holds on titles that are checked out to other borrowers: this stops them renewing the title and flags up the hold placed by you when the item is checked back in. The most efficient way we've found for postal loans is to place holds on items that you want, then to email with a simple list of the items. This ensures they can't be checked out before they're pulled from the shelves and that we know you would like them sent out to you.

What if I need help?

Our librarians will be very happy to help you get the best results from a catalogue search, and can carry out searches on your behalf. Contact if you are having difficulty finding what you need.