History of the SPL display

History of the SPL in 15 Objects

1 May-8 June 2017

Currently on display we have a selection of fifteen objects from our Special Collections and Archives which relate to the history of the Scottish Poetry Library. Beginning with a letter describing the concept of the library written by founder Tessa Ransford, the display charts the growth of the library, and features old book stamps, signage and even a note from the anonymous creator of the Edinburgh book sculptures.

History of the SPL Displau

We also have a selection of items from our Edwin Morgan Archive, which includes Morgan's mug, glasses, and even a bottle of absinthe, pictured above.

All items on display are from the Scottish Poetry Library Special Collections.

To view the Special Collections, please make an appointment with the Senior Librarian, Rebecca Oliva, rebecca.oliva@spl.org.uk