National Poetry Day for Teachers 2016

National Poetry Day will be celebrated across the UK on Thursday 6 October 2016.

The theme is MESSAGES. Messages by text, by letter, by phone, by handmade card;  funny messages, sinister messages, unspoken messages, messages to decode.  What message will you be sending this October?

From mid-August, you'll be able to see resources to help you work with each poem, including poster versions of each poem to download, and material on each poet.

Broadly speaking, four poems and resources are directed at primary pupils or are just easier to read, while the remaining four poems and resources are more suited to secondary pupils and more able readers. However, depending on the learning level of different pupils you may want to use them differently - be creative and find the best matches for your readers!

'Invitation' by Louise Greig

Read 'Invitation'.

Find out about Louise Greig.

'Answermachine'by W. N. Herbert

Read 'Answermachine'.

Find out about W. N Herbert.

'Cracking the Code' by Ciara MacLaverty

Read 'Cracking the Code'. 

Find out about Ciara MacLaverty.

'it was this big!' by Alan Spence

Read 'it was this big!'.

Find out about Alan Spence.

'Text' by Imtiaz Dharker

Read 'Text'.

Find out about Imtiaz Dharker.

from 'Lochaline Stores' by Jackie Kay

Read extract from 'Lochaline Stores'.

Find out about Jackie Kay.

'Letter' by Hugh McMillan

Read 'Letter'.

Find out about Hugh McMillan.