Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources

After the pre-lims

If there are clear (or muddy) areas to work on with students between now and the exams, our resources can help. Look below to see our resources on the set text poets, and remember that we have blogs and podcasts which can expand students' knowledge and enthuse them about  poetry in general. Plus, you can book a workshop with us tailored to your class's needs. 

National 5: Edwin Morgan

These extracts are from writer and secondary English teacher Jane Cooper's new book, National 4 & 5 English, a workbook resource for teachers and pupils. We are very grateful to Hodder Gibson for permission to publish extracts from the book which contains additional assessment tasks. 

The following four downloads are not from Jane’s National 4 & 5 textbook, but will help teachers prepare the remaining four Edwin Morgan poems on the National 5 list. We are grateful to Jane for making them available.

See everything we have on Edwin Morgan here

National 5

  • Read the National 5 set poem texts by Edwin Morgan, Jackie Kay and Norman MacCaig here

The Scottish Poetry Library holds the Edwin Morgan Archive. You can visit the archive by appointment with our Librarian, but the easiest way to start is with a virtual visit to our resources-packed Edwin Morgan Archive site.

National 5: Carol Ann Duffy

  • Read the National 5 set poem texts by Carol Ann Duffy here
  • See everything we have on Carol Ann Duffy here

At the 2013 Association for Scottish Literary Studies Schools Conference, Dorothy McMillan spoke about the overwhelming quantity of internet resources. So here are a few relevant links.

Poetry by heart

Are you preparing pupils for a poetry recital or just interested in finding out more about why, how and what memorising poetry is all about? Download Remember, remember our resource sheet. Image by San_Drino shared under a Creative Commons licence available at

Poetry Projects

Unwrap our collection of classroom resources, with something for every age group. Poems, anthologies, lesson plans, whole projects with rich cross-curricular opportunities, all aiming to inspire and support the teaching of poetry.

Poetry and Curriculum for Excellence

Download our guide to Poetry and Curriculum for Excellence for some helpful thoughts about the use of poetry in English, literacy and across the curriculum, and see how readily poetry can help to meet a wide range of Experiences and Outcomes. Use this document alongside all our teaching resources and ideas, to remind you of all the learning opportunites that poetry can provide.

Teaching Poetry: Tips & Tricks for All!

Whatever your level of experience, there's something here for you! Download some of the individual chapters on the righthand side of this page - full of useful ideas, activities and advice for reading poetry, playing with language, writing poetry, performing and presenting poetry and simply exploring and enjoying poetry in many different ways. 

Poets and Poems

Visit our poetry page to meet featured poets, dip into the poem of the moment, explore poems by theme, revel in 20 of the best Scottish poems, delve into the Edwin Morgan archive and more. You can also browse and reserve books from our collections in our online catalogue.

Poetry Links for Learning

Here teachers, librarians and young people will find a collection of useful poetry sites brimming with resources and ideas for exploring, teaching and enjoying poetry.

You can also visit our full list of links which encompasses the whole working word of poetry beyond the classroom, including publishers and poetry and literary organisations.